PS 037

Cement tiles are made entirely by hand using traditional methods. The cement tiles are produced without heat and only use environmentally friendly and durable materials. Chemical polishing is not recommended. Only a special impregnating material is used to make the surface oil- and water- resistant, without losing its natural appearance.

20 x 20 cm
Technical Specifications

Applicability: Indoor and outdoor, wall and floor

Technique: Press under high pressure

Materials: Marble powder, crushed gravel, pigment, cement, water

Dimensions: Ranging from 30x30x3 cm to 5x5x1.6 cm.

Standard size 20x20x1.6 cm (deviation < 0,5mm)

Thickness: 1,6 cm (deviation < 3mm)

Top layer thickness: 3 - 5 mm

Weight:1,3kg a piece (20x20 cm)