Encaustic Cement Tiles

Encaustic cement tiles were introduced to the world in 19th century from southern part of France. They had spread in Europe and all over the world rapidly. Encaustic cement tiles has become a popular surface coating material and used in many of historical structures. In 20th century, due to developments in technology alternative industrial surface coating materials such as ceramic, linoleum, granite had been introduced to market and demand for cement tiles had been shrunk.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, demands to authentic and sustainable products gradually started to increase; cement tiles has become a popular flooring material again. The renewed enthusiasm for this eco-friendly product may be interpreted as a reaction to the current technological era, in which industrially produced materials are often a strain on the environment. During the production of cement tiles, no heating is involved. Used materials are environmentally friendly and sustainable, just like many centuries ago. That is why more and more professional designers and consumers like to use cement tiles as a high quality and decorative element. They are reminiscent of times gone by, full of beauty and exclusivity.


Pikaro, helps you creating awareness at your living spaces by wide range of products and dedicated team members who are experts in cement tiles designing and production. Our goal is to become a well-known firm with our contemporary and classic patterns growing day by day. We are eager to take a role in making cement tiles popular and demanded wall/floor covering material as they were for centuries all over the world. Adopting quality and customer satisfaction as a principle, Pikaro aims to become your reliable solution partner for each phase from pattern designing to production, project design to implementation.

Azule, now in Turkey and Middle East! European leading encaustic cement tiles brand Azule has assigned Pikaro as exclusive distributor for Turkey and Middle East. It is easier than ever to reach over 500 patterns of Azule, who is market leader in Europe. Furnish your living spaces with vintage touch of old days.